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    This is a
    multifandom blog.

    Jess, 24. Feminist. ISFJ. Rome, Italy. I'm a Cancer, I enjoy sunsets, long walks in the park and tall men. Love Drawing, Art and Comics. Sometimes I cosplay, play with Photoshop and make fanvids. I'm a lover of crossovers, a crack shipper & multishipper. Molly Hooper is the moon of my life & Louise Brealey is my queen.

    I’ve just find out some days ago the blog Teamfreewill-fanart and their awesome July’s videogames art challenge, so I decided to contribute with a drawing. I don’t know if it’s okay with the theme because I’ve seen more ‘game-ish’ stuff than this, but I’ve drawn Team Free Will as Final Fantasy VII characters (Dean as Cid Highwind, Castiel as Cloud Strife & Sam as Vincent Valentine). I hope you like it! :3 DeviantART link.

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